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Benefits Of Virtual Piano Song Tutorials

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When you begin playing piano, learning new songs is essential so you can play for others and get used to the process of playing new pieces. Even as you get more experience, it isn't easy to play songs you've never played, so it's helpful to use virtual piano song tutorials to learn the techniques needed to execute the piece. Practice is critical, and it's nice to have a tutorial to follow instead of trying to learn on your own.

Here are some of the benefits of virtual piano song tutorials:

Learn on Your Schedule

Some people learn to play new songs on the piano by attending in-person lessons with a trained teacher. However, if you can find a virtual tutorial instead, it will be much easier to learn a new piece because you can practice around your schedule. When you hire an instructor, you often need to be available when they decide, which can cause conflicts with your other responsibilities. 

Learn at Your Speed

When you use a virtual piano song tutorial, you can learn at your own speed, which makes it more likely for you to keep practicing. When you feel overwhelmed, you can take a break. If you have already learned a section of the song, you can move on to the next section whenever you'd like. 

Focus on That One Song

A piano instructor will typically have you practice multiple things simultaneously, such as scales, hand positions, etc. while learning a new piece. These fundamental skills are vital, but they can overwhelm you while learning to play a particular song. When you utilize a virtual piano song tutorial, you can separate your practice sessions to focus solely on learning a new song without doing other tasks that can confuse you. 

See the Instructor's Hands Throughout

Most virtual piano song tutorials will have a video showing the instructor's hands, or virtual hands, playing the piece. That way, you can see exactly how you should play, which will become muscle memory after you practice long enough. When you learn from an in-person instructor, you'll only be able to see their hand positions when they're present.

Use Special Software Tools

There are special programs available that will teach you how to play a song on the piano. The notes will scroll down the screen and will teach you the exact timing of each note. It will also show you the proper hand positions and which fingers to use while you play.

To learn more, contact a virtual piano lesson provider.