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Top 5 Steps To Preparing For The ACT

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The American College Test, also referred to as the ACT for short, is used by many colleges and universities to determine admissions and whether a student qualifies for additional financial aid. Preparing to take the ACT ahead of time will give you the best chance to score high and reach your goals. There are a few steps you can follow to do just that. 

Review Your Textbooks

There are four subjects within the ACT. They are math, English, reading, and science. Take the time to go back over the texts you currently own for your high school classes. If you have any questions about the material, make an appointment to talk with your teachers after class. 

Borrow an ACT Prep Book

You can buy an ACT prep book, but almost every local library has one you can check out. Since the library is free to use, it makes sense to go that route, especially since you won't need the book once you've finished taking your ACT. The book will have plenty of practice problems, along with the answers so you can see how you did. Then you'll be able to narrow down the information that you still need to work on by looking at the problems you got wrong.

Take Online Practice Tests

Create accounts with various online ACT prep sites to gain access to practice test questions. You can take the practice tests as many times as you'd like, which is another great way to see which concepts you have the most difficulty with. Then you can spend more time working on your weak areas so that you're ready when the test day comes. 

Hire at Tutor

After you've identified the areas you need to work on, hire a tutor. The tutor will take the time to discover your learning style and then use that to develop a method to teach you the material in a way that makes sense to you. Once you master one concept, you can move on to the next. Repeat until you're ready to take the ACT. 

Get Plenty of Rest

The night before the exam the best way to prepare is to call it a day early. The more well rested you are in the morning, the better focused you will be for the test. Last minute cramming that keeps you up all night will do more harm than good. 

Don't fret if you don't do well on your ACT. You can sign up to take the test as many times as you'd like. Colleges and universities will always consider your best score.