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How To Avoid Remedial Classes And Get College Ready

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Many colleges require incoming students to take a placement test. The results determine whether you must take remedial classes or go straight into college coursework. 

If you are a high school student who wants to go to college, then you could benefit from college readiness courses. These courses are designed to improve computer skills, mathematics, writing, and reading. Developing these skills provides you with the opportunity to attain academic success and strengthens lifelong learning. Read on to learn more about doing your best to be college-ready.

Start Taking Hard Classes In Your Freshmen Year

If you want to get from your freshman year of high school to your freshman year of college, then you need to push yourself by taking hard courses from the start. It helps to put yourself in position to succeed. If you are planning to attend a competitive college, then you want to take the hardest courses offered by your school. You should take an English from the following areas: AP English Literature or Language. For math, you should statistics or calculus, but it is more beneficial to take both. You want to take U.S. History, European History or World History for your history course. It is also important to take at least one of the following sciences: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

College preparatory classes are a good way to explore classes you may want to take in college. For this reason, you should take non-core college prep classes like computer science, psychology, and economics.  

Think About Your Career Interests

During your sophomore year, you should think about the career you want to pursue and the college you want to attend. It is also a good time to start attending career fairs, college fairs and even visiting universities. At the same time, you should be building your resume for scholarship opportunities. Building your resume means participating in volunteer and leadership projects.

Seek Out Internships And Summer Jobs

It helps to seek out internships and summer jobs during your junior year. Many students get discouraged because these opportunities are hard to find, but you can talk with your guidance counselor to find internships related to things you enjoy and maybe want to study in college.

Identify Areas To Improve On

Most seniors spend the beginning of the year visiting colleges and narrowing down their choices. After you choose a college, it is important to not take your foot off the gas. Seniors are tempted to fill their class schedule up with easy classes like physical education. Instead of taking easy courses, you should look back at your ACT or SAT scores to see what subject areas you need to improve on. Taking course from these areas will prevent you from having to take remedial courses in college.

It is important to not devalue the importance of working hard in high school. This level of education prepares you for college and a successful career.